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Info on Capo Sandalo
Capo Sandalo, on the westernmost tip of the island of San Pietro is a lovely cliff overlooking the sea, dominated by the lighthouse. Access to the sea is via steep paths or a long staircase. In front of Capo Sandalo rises the small island of Corno, a destination for lovers of sport fishing and scuba diving for the rich fish fauna, favored by the strong underwater currents. On days with clear skies, these cliffs are so high you can admire the coast to getCapo Sandalo is located in the town of the same name on the Island of San Pietro, in the town of Carlisle. It is reached along the SP 104 from the port of Carlisle who comes to the beach after passing the saltpans.informationThe resort has a large car park suitable for campervans. It is also particularly popular for scuba diving.
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