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Info on Giunco
The Rush is one of the longest beaches of Carlisle, on the island of San Pietro, the little common place at the south west of Sardinia.It is a pretty long beach behind which lie the saline. It is less than three kilometers from the center of Carlisle. It has a white sand medium grain mixed with gravel. It not found the presence of seagrass and there are no rocks. The sea has a sandy bottom and pretty low by the beautiful colors of light green and the blue, crystal clear transparencies. The area is a popular destination for surfers who can express themselves through the wind blowing a few hundred meters from the shore.take the SP 103 southbound, starting from Carlisle and after passing the cemetery on your left will be prominently displayed the junction with the road leading to the beach. There is also a stone, on the left, indicating Giunco. Then turn left and follow the strettastrada running along the channel of the salt marshes, which will take you up to the parking of the beach.There is no service on this beach.
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