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Info on Cala lunga
The cove of Cala Lunga, in the locality of La Punta island of San Pietro, looks like a rock cliff overlooking the sea. It is a bay is positioned between La Punta and notches with white limestone cliffs overhanging the water. Off the coast, a few hundred meters from the coast, you can see the nets used to catch the precious tuna fish which are exported from the island of Carloforte as far as Japan. The island of San Pietro includes the two smaller islands of Piana and mice and is separated from the island of Sant'Antioco channel of Columns. Its coastline is jagged with caves and cliffs overlooking the sea and beaches on the west side. Only town is Carloforte, founded in 1738 by a group of Ligurian fishermen hailing from Tabarka in Tunisia, which is about 30 minutes by ferry from Calasetta and Portovesme.How to getCala Lunga is found at La Punta on the Island of St. Peter and in the town of Carlisle is reached along the coastal road 101 from the port of Carloforte to the extreme north of the island, La Punta: the beach is signposted on the left, the entrance of a dirt road.InformationIt is a bay which is particularly for those who like to enjoy the tranquility of a place away from the big summer crowds. Its deep waters over sure enjoyment for scuba divers.
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