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Info on Cala degli Infreschi
La Cala degli Infreschi is located not far from the town of Marina di Camerota and owes its name to nearby veins freshwater frost that flow into the sea. Framed by towering cliffs along 18 kilometers of territory where nature is still virgin and unspoiled, it is the jewel of the coast, bay of incredible natural value as well as Marine Protected Area. It is a small beach bordered and overlooked by rocky cliffs, characterized by a very small coastline of white sand. The sea is magnificent, with shades from turquoise to emerald, crystal clear and transparent, with sandy bottoms and sloping ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It 'reached by a scenic and challenging hiking in the Mediterranean between gorse, rosemary, carob trees and prickly pears, with breathtaking views of the cliffs on emerald sea. Much more popular and easy to reach the cove by sea, perhaps renting a boat in the nearby village of Scario, which is reached from the Salerno - Reggio Calabria exit at Lagonegro, then follow for Sapri.Cala degli Infreschi in Marina di Camerota (in the province of Salerno) has been voted the most beautiful beach in Italy in 2014. The City Cilento is confirmed for the second consecutive year winner of "The most beautiful is you," the contest Legambiente launched on the web to elect the most beautiful beach in the summer. The beach can be reached by sea or through the paths in the Mediterranean, it is one of the inlets of particular charm and extraordinary natural value of the southern Tyrrhenian coast. A natural cove arc bounded by rocky cliffs with crystal clear seawater and different shades. Legambiente has selected the beaches crossing the preferences of web - for over two months could vote its beach on the website and the Facebook page of the association - with the data, "The most beautiful sea, the new Blue Guide 2014". The results obtained were compared with those of a panel of experts.
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