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Info on Cala Fetente
The cave of the fire. The cave of the hidden forces. The cave where the stone meets the sea.Sulfur caves in the energy and passion of the sea exploded in a busy seething colri intense and sulfur vapors.The sulfur caves is what is called Cala Fetente and is reached by crossing Punta Mammone in the South-East of Cape Palinuro. The hydrothermal phenomenon that marks the character of all sea cavities of Palinuro sulfur caves located in the expression of its more pronounced. The bottom of the cave, its walls and the internal cavities emit sulphurous fumes of big intensity, ch characterize this whole area, from which its name Cala Fetente. Visitors approaching the entrance with two arches of sulfur caves, kidnapped by the color of the sea and surprised by the stench sulfur, lives with incredible imagination the travel hate Aeneas and the charm of Greek mythology.
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