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Info on Cala Bianca
In 2013, just a year ago, he was voted the "most beautiful beach in Italy", through a competition organized by Legambiente Web and entitled "The most beautiful is you."And 'Cala Bianca, wonderful piece of paradise in Marina di Camerota, in the heart of Cilento and a stone's throw away from other great locations like Palinuro and Punta Infreschi.La Cala is an oasis white, inscribed between two rocky outcrops and lush lapped by clear blue sea, usually light blue, sometimes deep blue (depending on the time of day and the position of the sun).The beach is made of small pebbles rounded, white, who ended up giving the name to the same place.Certainly, for those who like to swim this is the ideal place. A swim in the waters of Cala Bianca is a rejuvenating experience and, in some ways, surprising: in some places the water is warmer, due to some freshwater springs in the area.Special features of this place is the way to achieve it. It is a walking path, defined by hiking, but that turns out to be very simple and feasible for those who are lazier and less trained.Cala Bianca is located in a cove rather hidden, near the beach of Pozzallo. To reach it on foot, you can follow a route that starts from the area of the cemetery of Marina di Camerota; There is first a small slope that leads to the district "Lentiscella", from which already we see a white dot on the sea, or our Cala Bianca. You reach the "Monte di Luna", which, despite its name, has a height really unimportant and freewheel down through a winding road, but nice, to a first beach, called Cala Fortuna. A Cala Fortunately there is a dining area. After the beach, take the path, strewn with vegetation, then we arrive at a clearing and, from here, the descent to Cala Bianca is really easy.However, not just tourists walk to go to the beach and this, probably, is the only downside of Cala Bianca.They are perhaps too many boats that wont stop and dock nearby beach. Some are private, others are taken by tourists to hire among the owners of the area. These craft as possible to enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable experience for the occupants and to disclose, so, the wonders of this spectacular stretch of the Cilento coast, as guarantee of revenue for the boatmen of Marina di Camerota, Scario and around, in some so clutter the landscape, smothering the view of those watching from the beach to the sea (and vice versa). Probably the beach is so crowded in July and August due to the presence of bathers that descend from the boats. You might think, to preserve the purity of the place, to limit the access of boats to the bay only a few hours of the day.
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