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Info on Valledoria
The beach of Valledoria is located in the town of the same name, the country is located in the center of the northern coast of Sardinia, not far from Castelsardo. The area offers several attractions. First of all, the stretch of water of the pond of Coghinas, in the area behind the sea in which flows the river of the same name, with the presence of interesting fauna typical of areas umide.La beach Valledoria, is not a real beach, but a lake area along the banks of the Coghinas, the third longest river in Sardinia. In the nearby town of Santa Maria di Coghinas, you can admire the Casteldoria baths, warm water springs that flow from the gorge of the same name. Not far away lies the village of Viddalba, interesting country hosting an archaeological museum which displays stems from a Roman necropolis. Also worth visiting is the castle tower of Doria, at the beginning of the road to Perfugas, dating from the twelfth century, from which you can embrace with the look an amazing panorama.At the beach of Valledoria you can get from the state road 200, after Valledoria turn at the first left turn.The area is a large car park and you can bring campers and camping equipment. There is a food service.
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