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Info on Su Pallosu
Pallosu is found in the locality, in the municipality of San Vero Milis.The beach, famous for the presence of cats around the beach, has a sandy bottom clear, with gray shades, rather coarse, with small stones on the shoreline. The beach Pallosu, hidden in a small inlet used mainly for small fishing boats and the pleasure, is surrounded by a sea very clean and multicolored crystal.The narrow beach is often covered by seagrass stranded and this takes its name. To the left you can bathing in the beautiful natural pools among the rocks. The landscape, opened on Punta Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, with the Spanish watchtower, it is very beautiful and charming.It comes from the provincial road 10, after the beach Putzu Idu, take a sandy path is not reported in the middle of the pine forest, hardly feasible with the auto.È also accessible from the beach of Putzu Idu, surpassing the stretch of the promenade, up to the end of the paved road, which stops right at the Cala Pallosu.The beach has a few services including: parking, a restaurant and a bar.
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