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Info on Praia do Norte
Situated north of the imposing promontory of Nazaré, better known as "Sitio" Praia do Norte is not supervised and is immersed in a rural environment and a bit 'wild, where the dunes protect the original vegetation. The sea, rough and dangerous for swimming or bathing, is still very popular with windsurfers, who find here the most spectacular waves of the coast.One of them, almost 30 meters high, ride the Hawaiian Garrett McNamara in November 2011, he was awarded the "wave Maior de 2011" (higher wave of 2011) as part of the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.The formation of waves of such proportions in this place is due to the position of the canyon of Nazaré, the largest gorge submerged in Europe with an area of 200 km and reaches a depth of 5000 meters. Its front, which is located less than a kilometer from the coast, affects the characteristics ripple when this comes from the west, resulting in high waves.
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