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Info on Porto Rafael
Porto Rafael is located in the homonymous village Porto Rafael, the town of Palau. The little beaches have a background of pink sand rather large, characterized by the presence of small rocks. The beaches are in the area of the Porto Rafael village, in the eastern part of Punta Sardinia, opposite the Island of Santo Stefano and have the characteristic blue color of the clear waters and the presence of rounded granite rocks. The village, presents itself as an exclusive destination and is very equipped, even for boats. The center of the country, said the square, opens to the sight of Cala English, called the pool of Porto Rafael, where the water is clear and transparent. There are excursions along the coast, thanks to the taxi-boat service. A very impressive is the nineteenth-century military fortress overlooking the whole area.Among the services, there are parking, hotels, bars and restaurants. The rich and variegated sea looks like the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling.
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