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Info on Mounda
At a distance of just 3 km from SKALA, on the south part of Kefalonia, you will meet one of the most beautiful and untouched shores of the island, Mounda Beach. It is a location of a great environmental importance, officially proclaimed as a nesting ground for the Caretta-Caretta loggerhead turtle (NATURA 2000). It is so popular among turtles for the same reasons why it is among tourists. The beach has a gentle incline. This means that turtles do not use too much energy before they lay their nests. The water is very shallow, which means that it is easier for the turtle to survey the beach horizon making sure that it is safe from predators before coming out of the sea. Finally it is not very developed yet along the 2.8 km length of the beach. The beach can be divided into two sections: Kaminia and Potamakia. Kaminia is the Western half, closer to Katelios. It is flat and wide, with tall bushes vegetation at the back. Some parts have rocks right in front of the shore. Most of it is covered with sun beds and umbrellas. There are 3 hotels and 1 small bar, and a road serving them that runs behind the vegetation for most part of the beach. Potamakia starts right after the big hotel. It is shorter, more narrow and generally steeper. It has sand dunes at the back with very short shrubs. It has no development, no sun beds and no umbrellas, less tourists.
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