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Info on Mare Morto
The bizarre name is linked to the tranquility of the landing, known ancient Phoenician, not reserve unpleasant surprises to many boaters who can then calmly leave their boats at anchor. It is indeed the hallmark of this stretch of the coast of Oristano, popular with people who like to move on board the craft that may leave here lay in the water with the help of slides.At the beach, located in the municipality of Cabras in San Giovanni di Sinis, it leads along the road to Tharros, turn left at the sign signaling located near the parking lot of St. John.The beach, in addition to services for boaters, it has a large car park suitable for campervans. The beach has fine sand and clear, and is located in the Sinai Peninsula, the marine protected area which also includes the island of Mal di Ventre and the rock of Catalan.
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