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Info on La Licciola
The beach The Licciola North is a beautiful beach located along the northern coast of Sardinia a few kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT), at Valley dell'Erica.Si is a beach with white sand is very fine, with little presence of Posidonia beached. There are small boulders and rocks in some parts of the sandy, light gray. Around the beach the thick Mediterranean gives a green color that is lost far above the ontagne. The beautiful clear sea presents a polychrome iridescent between the blue, blue and emerald green, with a shallow and mostly sandy, which gives way to the rocks and the rocks as you move close to the cliffs. It is interesting the activity of snorkeling. Uncrowded even in summer, ideal for days on the beach relaxing.from Santa Teresa di Gallura proceed eastwards towards Marazzino. Follow the directions of traffic signs and exceed Marazzino reaching then the SS 133 bis, turning left in the direction of Palau. Pass the small village of Ruoni and just after the sign for the Km 9 of the State, on the left box you will find the junction with the road leading to the beach, marked with signs. Then turn left as indicated by the arrow to the Licciola and continue straight. At the first intersection troverte the sign indicating to the beaches, then turn left again and shortly after turn right. Proceed along the main road, keeping right at the next junction. Proceed straight until finally staging area, from which a path to the beaches. The beach here described is the second, or the farthest.
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